Energy Conservation & Modeling

ONSA has always been cognizant of the economic as well as environmental constraints of using energy resources. We recognized early on the important role energy use and conservation plays in the design and operation of buildings. Our designs are based on careful long-term decisions which have been shown to significantly improve a building’s thermal performance and thus reduce its consumption of energy. Our experience has shown that the key to optimizing energy consumption while ensuring occupant comfort is to take a lead role in the development of a holistic and integrated design.

Thermal dynamic modelling techniques make a real difference to our project stakeholders; starting with meeting our clients’ increasing environmental goals, meeting relevant government legislation and increasing the ability to optimize LEED energy credits. At ONSA, we use various energy analysis techniques to evaluate alternative building design strategies, standards compliance and economic optimization. These range from simplified manual energy analysis methods for approximate energy use estimates to detailed computerized hourly simulations.

Our goal for an energy efficient design goes well beyond meeting the minimum set out in the National Energy Code for Buildings 2011 (NECB 2011) – we aim to significantly beat it.