Owner's Representative

Design Compliance Reviews

Catching problems early in the design is the lowest cost way to ensure a properly functioning building with the fewest expensive change orders down the road. Our “peer reviews” provide a fresh pair of eyes to examine the design and working drawings of the M&E systems and identify issues that some designers sometimes overlook but which contractors rarely do. 

Independent Engineer Services

Today’s buildings are increasingly complicated due to new energy efficiency technologies integrated through complex computer controls. Owners, contractors and building operators are finding it increasingly difficult to keep abreast of all these new technologies. ONSA staff has first-hand experience in the most complex technologies being incorporated into today’s designs and we have the ability to ensure proper operation of these new technologies. ONSA is often brought in to trouble shoot facilities that aren’t operating as expected and ensure that energy performance and occupant satisfaction is realized. 

Validation of Energy Savings

Green buildings hold the promise of cutting energy costs in half as a result of a myriad of measures ranging from simple occupancy sensors to complex heat recovery systems. But these theoretical savings will only occur if energy saving systems are properly designed / specified, the correct products are supplied & installed, and systems are thoroughly tested in all modes of operation. ONSA will come in and perform an in depth analysis of the design and as constructed works and recommend adjustments as necessary to ensure that the energy and maintenance bills are as low as possible. 

First Year Operational Support

At ONSA, our belief is that our professional services (including commissioning) should not stop once construction and testing is complete, but should continue for the first year of occupancy to ensure that all M&E systems are working properly and these systems adapt as they move from heating season to cooling season (and reverse) occurs. Our technical staff ensures that the training of operations staff is thorough and provides detailed instruction for proper building system and equipment operation & maintenance.

Resident Inspection / Clerk of the Works